About Harwood House

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Established in 1975, Harwood House is a non-profit halfway house licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Drug and Alcohol Program.

Harwood House complies with federal, state, and local regulations meant to ensure quality treatment and care to those struggling with substance abuse disorders.

Harwood House is a member of the Pennsylvania Halfway House Association.

Harwood House is a community-based residential treatment program for adult males who are recovering from substance use disorders. This service emphasizes supportive home style living in a safe environment. Shop Here The house provides opportunities for independent growth and guidance for the individual.  Harwood House helps the person re-establish himself within the community with its holistic approach.

Harwood House recognizes the value of each person that walks through our doors. Staff provides services to address the multiple needs of the individual and helps them to achieve their goals while in treatment. Medications can be an important part of treatment for the person. Harwood House provides in-house psychiatric consultative services on a weekly basis.

Treatment length varies from three to six months and staff will ensure that funding needs are met during periodic reviews with funding sources.